7 Lawn Mowing Tips You Need To Know

Lawn MowerLawn mowers come in various types, design and style. The basic revolving mowers have a rotary blade to cut the grass. This is the standard type of machine used by many lawn care service provider. It is an environmentally friendly generation that is looking out for alternatives that can save the environment and the energy and push revolving lawn mowers serve this purpose.

History These machines were invented by Edwin Budding. They have sharp blades which cut the grass, the power is supplied with your arms that is muscle power. How is the mower designed? The mowers have about five to eight spiral steel blades which are at right angles to the ground. On pushing the revolving would turn and cut the grass almost like scissors. The cut is finer than the rotary mower with no ripping and tearing in the process. Why do environmentalists like this lawn mower?

The main reason why environmentalists like these mowers is that they do not pollute. They are safe, with low noise level, maintenance and cost. The recent models are easier to use because they have parts inside which are made of lightweight plastics and alloys. This helps to make their framework more maneuverable. With your muscle providing the energy for the mowers you can be sure that you are doing the best cardiovascular exercise and getting the added advantage of mowing your lawn too. What are the disadvantages? Though the advantages are many they also come with disadvantages.

These mowers cannot chop twigs, the reason is that these twigs get stuck in the blades and requires manual removal. They cannot be employed as makeshift leaf shredders. The other disadvantage is that they are unable to cut grass which is grown very tall. With these limitations many argue that is not suited for the lazy. If you have a small grass lawn then use the mowers to chop your grass. In case you have twigs in your garden then it is better to remove them with your hands before you mow your garden with the mowers.

With constant usage the blades do become a little loose and continuous checking will help in setting the problem right. The lawn mowers that are continuously cleaned and oiled work perfectly fine when you mow your lawn. Like any other machine proper care is a needed. Safety Tips While cutting the grass you need to keep in mind some safety tips:

1. First clean your garden of the debris and twigs.

2. Never place your hands and feet inside the lawn mower even when they are not moving. The revolvings with the sharp blades do cut.

3. You should never use a lawn mower without shoes; never use it when barefooted or wearing sandals. 4. Be sure of where you step when cutting the grass.

5. Always walk slowly and don’t run

6. Do not strike or ram trees or fences intentionally.

7. Never use it when your lawn is wet. 8. If it needs repair never use it. Get it repaired first and then use it. Push revolving Lawn Mowers are great for the environmentally friendly gardeners. Use them to give your lawn the fine cut.

Just in case you don’t have the time to maintain your lawn,  lawn care maintenance service is what you need! Here’s some choices you can check out;

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