Lawn Care Tips – How to Choose Grass Seed for Your Lawn

Lawn CareIt takes a lot of time and effort if you’re personally doing lawn care for your lawn. The mowing, watering, fertilizing, and seeding can quickly add up to a few hours a week to keep it healthy.  Imagine if you were trying to care for a grass species that is not a good fit.  This could easily double the amount of care required, making it essential that you pick the right seed from the start.
There are numerous things that can affect the decision of what the best grass seed is for your lawn.  Most of these decisive factors are extremely easy to keep in mind, yet they are often overlooked.  Take note of these and keep them in mind when you are ready to pick the best grass seed for your lawn!


The climate is a determining factor for what species you buy, because it tells us what temperature range the grass will be living in.  Some grass species grow best in dry and arid conditions, while others prefer cool and humid.  Trying to grow a grass that needs a cold winter in Florida will end up being a nightmare for everyone involved.

The two basic grass categories are cool season and warm season grasses.  Warm season grasses grow best while it is hot and go dormant in the fall, while cool season grasses are the opposite.  If you live in a warmer area, then warm season grasses will have a longer optimal growing season.  The opposite is true if you live in a cooler climate.


The amount of sunlight in the area you are trying to grow grass also effects the grass species you are trying to grow.  Some species need to be in full sun all day in order to grow their best.  Others need mixed or complete shade or they will not survive.
If you grow grass that prefers shade in a full sun location, it will burn.  You will be watering and caring for grass that is in the wrong location, making things twice as hard.  Make sure that you watch for and know how much sun the area receives when you go pick out the seed.

Amount of care required

Some grass species are harder to care for than others under the same conditions.  Some species require being mowed every other day, for example.  These are used on football fields and golf courses, because they grow so fast and stay looking great.  You want to keep that in mind when choosing a grass seed so that you don’t grow the perfect lawn that you can’t keep up with.

Some grass species are more prone to diseases than others as well.  These species will need more care and more babysitting, so make sure you catch and deal with issues as soon as possible .  If you are looking for a lawn that you only have to mow once a week, you do not want to pick one of these fast-growing species.

Seed mixes

You will also find grass seed mixes available for purchase that specialize in growing in certain conditions.  A good example of this is “Northeast Mix”, which is designed to thrive in the cool conditions of the northeast United States.
Using grass seed mixes is optimal because it gives you a more resistant lawn than that of a single species.  Keep in mind that each species has its own weaknesses, so a single problem could wipe out a lawn of one grass type.  Using a mix will keep a disease from spreading rapidly before you have the time to stop it.

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Josh Stockton

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