Lawn Care Planning A Head For Winter Time

Lawn Care Planning Before Winter

The year is about to end and winter is in our door step, did you plan out your lawn care efforts when winter comes? December is near so it’s the perfect time to get organize and plan out the things you’ll do to protect your lawn during winter:

Condition Your Lawn For Winter Cold

  1. Fertilizing your lawn before winter strikes to replace all of the nutrients that have been lost by hot summer months. When winter hits the fertilizer will remain in the soil and feed your lawn’s roots when the snow melts.
  2. Mowing your lawn before winter hits can prevent it from being damage by the cold and freezing weather. So cut it short before winter comes.
  3. Clean and Maintain your lawn through-out winter, make sure to call a lawn care expert to know what other conditioning efforts can be taken to prepare your lawn for winter.

Winter Type Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation for winter weather is to minimize and protect your lawn from as much damage during the winter months. There are local lawn care providers near you that you can ask for help if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Snow Removal Planning Before Winter

I recommend you get reservations for snow removal service from your local provider before winter hits, based on our experience, home owners that inquire for an estimate after the first snowfall have a difficult time scheduling for services since we have already booked / reserved the whole week for customers who have contacted us before hand and have reserved the most convenient schedule for them. So we advice you call your local lawn care provider now and schedule the best date for you to have you snow removed from your property.

Why Hire A Professional?

  • To avoid heart attacks caused by snow shoveling
  • No more injuries from slipping and falling on ice
  • Avoid possible injury to hands or toes in the snow blower

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So if you’re looking for a Lawn Care Provider in Iowa call us at 1-800-365-8873 and we will forward you to our lawn expert near you.

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