Des Moines Lawn Expert Talks About Weed Control

lawn-care-des-moinesMost Lawns in Des Moines are infested with weed and insects that are not common to local residents to care with. While Des Moines is topographically blessed with greenery and good soil, this does not make the lawn safe against external dangers.

Weeds can hamper the whole of the lawn if not gotten rid of as soon as possible. Many a times, previous lawn-owners either fail to take proper care of the lawn or it has been too long that the lawn hasn’t had an owner. In either of the cases, follow the below-mentioned tips to safeguard your lawn against weed.

Grow a thick lawn

It is important to understand how weeds and dandelions grow in your lawn. The process of growth of these foreign plants is the same as any other. However, they feed off of the sunlight and other resources which are meant for the other grass and plants you have planted in your lawn.

Growing thick patches of grass and other plants in your lawn can actually help counter weed infestations. These thick grass and plants will outnumber the weed seeds or weed plants as the case may be. They will prevent the weed from sucking away the important resources needed by your essential plants.

Mowing the lawn from time to time

Mowing the lawn from time to time, especially those patches where you can see or where you suspect any weed growth, is essential to keeping weed at bay. You must choose the right lawn mower and the appropriate blade size so as remove the weed without harming your lawn. It is also important to remove the weed from its roots so as to not allow it to grow back.

Putting weedicides in your lawn

A periodic but infrequent dosage of weedicides in your lawn is important. Many a times, despite the best of the measures taken by lawn owners, weeds somehow find their way into the lawn. To diffuse such problems, weedicides can be resorted to. They help kill off weed plants and seeds.

Weedicides are an important medicine from a preventive point of view. Just because your lawn does not have weeds, don’t believe that you wouldn’t have to struggle with the problem tomorrow. Considering such a situation, it is in the best interests of your lawn to put small amounts of weedicides. Of course, if you grow vegetables or other edible plants or fruits, you might want to be extra careful not to spray or put the weedicide on such plants.

Stay on a look-out!

lawn care is important if you want to make your lawn looking great. You must remember that the longer you let the weed grow, the harder it will be to clean up the lawn. Weed has a tendency to spread across your lawn by germinating its seeds further. Therefore, you must always keep an eye out for any foreign plants growing in your lawn. If you do see any, remove it from its roots as soon as possible to prevent more of the weed from spreading. So if you’re looking for a lawn care professional in Des Moines, Iowa just all 1-800-365-8873 or visit for more info.

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